I’m done! My (official) motherly duties are over!!

19 06 2008

So, number 3 has jsut passed his K53 drivers test. Man, what a palava!!! The new E-natis system almost got the bettter of me, very nearly reducing me to allowing kid to drive solo with only a learners liscence…

– Give birth to the child. Check.
– Ween him off boob then off bottle. Check.
– Potty train him. Check.
– Teach him to eat by himself. Check.
– Teach him to bath and dress himself. Check.
– See him through school…not quite finished that one yet but almost there…
– Teach him not to scratch his ass/balls/fart in public. (failed miserably on these…)
– Teach him to respect his elders. Check.
– Teach him NEVER to harm a woman. Check.
– Teach him to cook/clean/washing so he can take care of himself. Check.
– Teach him to take responsibiltiy for his own actions. Check.
– Teach him to believe in himself. Check.
– Teach him to drive a car. Check.

Now all I have to do, is believe, myself, that I have brought hin up right and stop worrying. AND to hide my car keys.





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