6 02 2009

Getting all hot and sweaty has always been one of my favourite past-times – but not in the gym. I’ve done my time there, cycling like a demon, climbing the imaginary stairway to heaven, rowing till I drop but not going anywhere. I’ve tried the scheduled classes of yoga, Pilate’s, aerobics, bum and thigh work-outs but they just don’t do it for me. Inspiration came in the form of a famous Olympic swimmer. While trapping away on my own private Agrus, this Adonis emerged from the water. Body gleaming, shimmering, dripping wet, accentuating every muscle in his delicious torso, I peddled on for another few hundred immaginary meters, just watching. He made it look so easy. So, I bought a suitable costume, cap and goggles. Not a pretty sight. I was aware that everyone could watch me as I disrobed and made my way into the pool as fast as I could without slipping and making a complete ass of myself.

The first session didn’t last long, at all. I did 4 lengths of the pool ending up in the “deep” end. i did this on purpose, so that I could, nonchalantly remove my goggles, sinking chest deep into the water, so as not to display my heaving chest, while gasping for breath.

But things got better. I am now able to do 600m without stopping or kicking off from the wall. Getting the chlorine smell of yourself is another matter. Even though there are always cleaning staff around, doing their thing, the showers just freak me out. No chance. I dry myself off as much as I can, battle my way into my track suite and head home.

Husband asks why I dont just swim in the pool at home. Given the fact that I’m not supposed to kick off from the wall after turning around, I’d be swimming in circles.