14 09 2007

The notice on the door of the Cape Town archives.

I know, I know…its very small but just click on the image to enlarge…


Cry the beloved country – yet again…

14 09 2007

South African Genealogy

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Notices stating that cameras and other recording devices would be banned from the Cape Town Archives from Friday 14th September, 2007 were posted at the archives this afternoon (Thursday 13th September, 2007).

No explanation is provided on these posters but it would seem that copies of documents may now only be ordered from the archives staff for a fee. No details on costs are as yet available.   As soon as this information is made available it will be published on this site.                 


Isn’t this against the Constitution? To deny free access to information?? Please go the the site given above and cast you vote, if you are at all interrested…

How far do we go to find out from whence we come??

6 07 2007

Genealogy…I didn’t even know how to spell the word about 3 years ago! My journey began in 1992, two years before my dad passed away. We sat down with a large piece of paper at the dining room table. He had an amazing memory. It took us hours but eventually we had documented every member of our family that he could remember, their spouses, children, vocations, interesting tit-bits and a few scandalous stories. After he passed away, the sheet of paper lay in a file, forgotten for many years. Recently, I rediscovered it and decided that I had to take up the challange to “finish” the job. Little did I know how far, how much work, how much joy, sadness and frusrtation (not to mention the countless hours spent in front of this screen!!) this quest would demand of me. I have become firm friends family members who were but faceless names on a page, most of whom I had never met or spoken to. Needless to say, a good few skeletons and treasures have been unearthed in the process. I have even had thoughts of visiting a “medium” – wanting to “conatct” dad and tell him about my discoveries! Just as an example…I had NO idea that my paternal grandfather was Jewish! My dear cuz and comrade DM and I found his grave recently after much searching. Sadly, not too many people are interested in the past and the people who got us to where we are today. My family think I’m obsessed (or was that posessed??) but the journey is fascinating. The internet has been my friend and my foe but if all else fails, just pick up the phone and call that long lost aunt – you may be pleasantly surprised!