Just call me Nostredamus..

19 06 2008
  • I have lived a long and happy life, doing some smart things along the way and some not so smart things…here are a few of the not-so-smart things..

It takes a BIG person to admit to all this stupidity…

1. After bringing my new-born first born home, he started screaming and screaming. In desperation I called Mom. What to do, I begged? “Have you tried feeding him?” she asks. No, I hadn’t thought of that small matter.

2. While water-skiing (maaaaany years ago) I was “quizzy” to see what talent was riding in a boat going the other way. Not paying attention, I didn’t see the overhanging tree, crashing into a thorn covered branch, breaking two ribs and having a 2 inch thorn embedded in my side.

3. I made meat-balls, put them on a plate in the fridge for a while (as one does)….taking them out again a while later, I dropped the whole lot on the floor. Glass everywhere…also in the meatballs. “Oh, never mind” says I, “we can give it to the dogs”…

4. And more recently…during a power cut and before I had a gas stove..with food half cooked…”No problem, I’ll just finish it off in the microwave”.

5. When Kevin was little, he asked me why my cellphone lights up when it rings…”It’s so the deaf people can know when their phone rings”. Said I.

6. The key story.

7. I once burned the tip of my nose lighting up a stompie….

This is liberating…laugh all you like, you have also done some dumb-shit stuff….


I’m done! My (official) motherly duties are over!!

19 06 2008

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