How Grande it was…

19 09 2007

The pool at the Grande - now.

The pool at the Grande - then

Grande Hotel - Beira - then

Grande hotel, Beira - now

These photos were taken in 2003. Once again,  neglect has taken it’s toll. One hopes that these places have seen some investment, in the mean time, providing employment for the people in the area….


Park House, Mthatha.

17 09 2007

Park house.

My great uncle, who was Chief Magistrate of the Transkei in the 1950’s, lived there. Do you know it, Mj?

14 09 2007

The notice on the door of the Cape Town archives.

I know, I know…its very small but just click on the image to enlarge…

Cry the beloved country – yet again…

14 09 2007

South African Genealogy

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Notices stating that cameras and other recording devices would be banned from the Cape Town Archives from Friday 14th September, 2007 were posted at the archives this afternoon (Thursday 13th September, 2007).

No explanation is provided on these posters but it would seem that copies of documents may now only be ordered from the archives staff for a fee. No details on costs are as yet available.   As soon as this information is made available it will be published on this site.         

Isn’t this against the Constitution? To deny free access to information?? Please go the the site given above and cast you vote, if you are at all interrested…

Holiday snaps…

13 09 2007

Dullstroom     Sedgefield again.

The wild coast at dawn.

 Some of SA’s best kept “public” secrets – the Wild coast and Machadadorp district. I had the priviledge of growing up In the Transkei in the 70’s,  having weekends and long holidays all along the Wild Coast as a youngster. Looking back, I now know that youth is wasted on the young.