24 10 2016

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It’s been 45 years since my last confession”. A tad longer that I have felt the need to post anything.

Recently, a detour sign has been dumped on my chosen path. At 58, vibrant, health conscious and active (well not so much active but not overweight at all!) I’m now facing, out of left field, stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease.

I guess we all go through what I’m about to write, at some time or another.
In the space of two weeks, I went from a vibrant, energetic and positive person to someone who is a stranger to me. I was in control.

My love of painting, writing, photography, my decades long genealogy research and most of all, riding my Harley, I thought I had it all under control.

My loving husband of 36 years and my 3 adult children who are all highly qualified and happy, will always be my greatest blessing.

But now – I feel totally disconnected from my body. My mind tells me this cannot be but I’m wrong. It’s as though my body is being controlled by something else, a mind of its own.

I thought I had been doing it “right” all these years, healthy diet, moderate excessive, mental stimulation, my faith and most importantly, giving and receiving unconditional love to and from family and friends.

Maybe I have, only now, been awakened to my own mortality. I guess, not unlike mourning, there are stages which one has to go though, in order to accept that I’ve which you have very little control. With the love of the Lord and my family and friends, I’ll, hopefully, get to a better “head space”.



6 02 2009

Getting all hot and sweaty has always been one of my favourite past-times – but not in the gym. I’ve done my time there, cycling like a demon, climbing the imaginary stairway to heaven, rowing till I drop but not going anywhere. I’ve tried the scheduled classes of yoga, Pilate’s, aerobics, bum and thigh work-outs but they just don’t do it for me. Inspiration came in the form of a famous Olympic swimmer. While trapping away on my own private Agrus, this Adonis emerged from the water. Body gleaming, shimmering, dripping wet, accentuating every muscle in his delicious torso, I peddled on for another few hundred immaginary meters, just watching. He made it look so easy. So, I bought a suitable costume, cap and goggles. Not a pretty sight. I was aware that everyone could watch me as I disrobed and made my way into the pool as fast as I could without slipping and making a complete ass of myself.

The first session didn’t last long, at all. I did 4 lengths of the pool ending up in the “deep” end. i did this on purpose, so that I could, nonchalantly remove my goggles, sinking chest deep into the water, so as not to display my heaving chest, while gasping for breath.

But things got better. I am now able to do 600m without stopping or kicking off from the wall. Getting the chlorine smell of yourself is another matter. Even though there are always cleaning staff around, doing their thing, the showers just freak me out. No chance. I dry myself off as much as I can, battle my way into my track suite and head home.

Husband asks why I dont just swim in the pool at home. Given the fact that I’m not supposed to kick off from the wall after turning around, I’d be swimming in circles.

Just call me Nostredamus..

19 06 2008
  • I have lived a long and happy life, doing some smart things along the way and some not so smart things…here are a few of the not-so-smart things..

It takes a BIG person to admit to all this stupidity…

1. After bringing my new-born first born home, he started screaming and screaming. In desperation I called Mom. What to do, I begged? “Have you tried feeding him?” she asks. No, I hadn’t thought of that small matter.

2. While water-skiing (maaaaany years ago) I was “quizzy” to see what talent was riding in a boat going the other way. Not paying attention, I didn’t see the overhanging tree, crashing into a thorn covered branch, breaking two ribs and having a 2 inch thorn embedded in my side.

3. I made meat-balls, put them on a plate in the fridge for a while (as one does)….taking them out again a while later, I dropped the whole lot on the floor. Glass everywhere…also in the meatballs. “Oh, never mind” says I, “we can give it to the dogs”…

4. And more recently…during a power cut and before I had a gas stove..with food half cooked…”No problem, I’ll just finish it off in the microwave”.

5. When Kevin was little, he asked me why my cellphone lights up when it rings…”It’s so the deaf people can know when their phone rings”. Said I.

6. The key story.

7. I once burned the tip of my nose lighting up a stompie….

This is liberating…laugh all you like, you have also done some dumb-shit stuff….

I’m done! My (official) motherly duties are over!!

19 06 2008

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I have moved house..

15 11 2007

Should anyone come looking for me, you can find me  here –

How Grande it was…

19 09 2007

The pool at the Grande - now.

The pool at the Grande - then

Grande Hotel - Beira - then

Grande hotel, Beira - now

These photos were taken in 2003. Once again,  neglect has taken it’s toll. One hopes that these places have seen some investment, in the mean time, providing employment for the people in the area….

Park House, Mthatha.

17 09 2007

Park house.

My great uncle, who was Chief Magistrate of the Transkei in the 1950’s, lived there. Do you know it, Mj?